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About Us

Afrite Rooms is a brand of budget lodges offering short term accommodation services across Cape Town. “Fast Room” service as we call it is a growing trend worldwide and is also known as “Day Use” in Europe.

Rooms are available for hire at hourly rates giving clients options to hire a room according to individual needs, hence clients save by only paying for the time they need to use the room for.


In the fast paced modern world there is a growing demand for such services be it by travellers who need a private space to rest between flights or business people who want to combine work and rest for a few hours but also as a Love Nest by couples who may need a break from routine for some relaxation.

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Our mission is to offer cost effective and quality “Fast Room” services to our clients and create a homely environment where you will have the privacy and relaxation you need but also feel safe and secure at the same time.

Our Mission

What Our Guest Are Saying

Lovely clean place even though its under renovations. The manager is hands on and excellent, he would qualify to work for a 5 star hotel. The paintings on the stairs welcome you and you feel safe

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