The New Way of Booking Hotel Rooms.

Booking a hotel for a few hours allows same day check-in and check out. Day use offers a unique combination of flexibility and comfortable space to work rest or just relax for a few hours, paying the fair price for the duration of the micro stay.

Upon check-in, what are my payment options for the room?

We do accept cash and card payments.

For special romantic rooms, we require 50% deposit to personalize your experience. Room is set up to suit your personal preference. The rest of the payment will have to be made directly at the hotel upon check-in.

If it is an availability request, we require deposit fee to reserve a room for you, ensuring that a room is readily available when you check-in. The rest of the payment will have to be made upon check in.

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Romantic Rooms


Need a Romantic Gate-away? We do offer remarkable romantic setups upon request for love birds looking for favorable ambiance to rekindle their love

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Executive Rooms


In addition to luxury comfort, Executive Rooms are equipped with a bar fridge, exquisite body lotion and soap. Guests are served with sparkling wine.....

Rooms for less for hourly rates. Book for R100 for one hour. Affordable and Secure

Family Rooms


Let your family stay in a homely environment whilst on holiday. Our rooms boost of Two 3/4 beds, wardrobes and spacious living. These rooms can accommodate up to 4 guests at a time.

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How to find hourly Hotels near me?

Looking for a pleasant surprise or getaway? offers a selection of stylish and cozy hourly rooms that offer the possibility to book a room for the day at reduced rates.

You can book a hotel room for hours you need 24/7. Regardless of the time you want to escape at, you can choose and book a hotel room for the day to meet your expectations.

Book a private, secure and affordable room: Pay only for Hours you need.

You can book a hotel room for the day or for few hours, eyes closed. has made a selection of hotels based on their location, accessibility and quality.

Everything has been designed to allow you to book a hotel room for the day so easily!


Need to take a break during the day? To escape a long and tiring day and the bustle of the city, you can book a private and discounted room.

No need to look for hours to satiate your need for a break. To catch your breath for a few hours and to go off the grid or to get some work done in a hotel, book at

Afrite Rooms selected lodges according to rigorous criteria of elegance and discretion to allow you to book a day room in broad daylight.