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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find Hourly Hotels near me?

Can I book a hotel room and only pay for hours I use?

Can I book a room for few hours during the day?

Looking for a pleasant surprise or getaway Hotel? Afrite Rooms offer a selection of stylish and cozy hourly rooms that offer the possibility to book a room for the day at reduced rates.


You can book a hotel room for hours you need 24/7. Regardless of the time you want to escape at, you can choose and book a hotel room for the day to meet your expectations.

Yes! You can book a hotel room for the day or for just few hours, eyes closed. Afrite Rooms has made a selection of lodges based on their location, accessibility and quality.


Everything has been designed to allow you to book a hotel room for the day so easily and pay for only hours you use.

Yes you can. Whether you need to take a break during the day, or to escape a long and tiring day and the bustle of the city, you can book a private and discounted room. No need to look for hours to satiate your need for a break.


To catch your breath for a few hours and to go off the grid or to get some work done in a hotel, book at Afrite Rooms Afrite Rooms selected lodges according to rigorous criteria of elegance and discretion to allow you to book a day room in broad daylight.

Do you have availability and what are your Daily Rates?

What time do we check-out if we stay overnight? Do you serve Meals?

We do have availability and we're open 24/7. We offer hourly and overnight stay rates. Book for Hourly use from 1 Hour. The more hours you take, the less you pay.


Our overnight rates vary depending on the time you wish to check in. You pay less when you check in after 6pm and 9pm. Please note that rates also vary per room type and per branch.

All overnight stays must check-out at 10am. Guests have an option to extend their stay if they wish to check out later in the day. Terms and conditions apply.


We do not serve any meals though we've got self catering facilities for communal use. we also have onsite cafe for snacks and soft drinks. Guests are free to bring own meals to the premises as well.

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