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Woodstock Lodge

Afrite Woodstock is located at 59 Victoria Road, Upper Woodstock only 1km from the Cape Town CBD and has access to all public transport. Enjoy views of the beautiful Mother City and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Table Mountain.We afford private secure accommodate to meet demands of modern urban life style. 

Our rooms are decent and affordable. 

What does day use mean?

The term day use is commonly used by hotels all over the world to refer to a customer that will use a room only for a few hours during the day.

Customer books a private room for use for a few hours.

Customers can book a room for use anytime and for any duration required.


Hourly booking allows you same-day check-in & check-out, so that you can book a room for the day for business or leisure. Afrite rooms offer rates that are discounted for Hourly use.

You may be booking a day room for day use, for a specific time slot during your day, to rest while enjoying free wifi facilities and entertainment, or to relax and refresh before an evening out or business function.

Afrite rooms allow customers a micro-stay with private and secure rooms in great locations around Bellville, Goodwood, and Woodstock in Cape Town.


Day use hotel rooms are a popular choice for busy business or leisure travelers who want to make the most of their time. Pay only for hours you need to use the room.

How many times have you booked a hotel and only stayed the night in the room?

How about the number of times that you have had to wait until 2 pm to check in?

Or the laziness of getting up early on your weekend because you had to leave the hotel by 8am?

Rooms for less for hourly rates. Book for R100 for one hour. Affordable and Secure